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Huggy the Microwave Dog

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Huggy The Puppy Heated Microwave Dog

Huggy microwave dog is quickly heated. Then shares his enduring, cozy plush puppy warmth with whoever hugs him. Will you or your kids be his lucky friend?
Huggy The Puppy Heated Microwave Dog
Price: 8.95

SAVE 10% when you buy more than one from the Microwave Animal Ranges.

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Huggy the Puppy Cozy Plush Microwave Dog

  • Colour: Light brown with dark brown ears and tail.
  • Keep warm rating: 4 (Best = 5).
  • Safe for all ages from the cradle to the golden years.
  • No inner bag to remove - saves time.
  • Low start postage.
  • Multibuy discount available.
Its the long lasting heat from the treated wheat grains and relaxing scent of dried lavender flowers that warm & relax thousands of people worldwide time and again. Huggy's coat consists of thick, supersoft, plush light brown & shiny fur, with dark brown fur on the ears & tail. There is a black nose. The child safe embroidered black eyes have a white twinkle to give a shine & view direction effect. The character will easily sit up so it looks great on the shelf too.

This Cozy Plush microwave dog can be reheated thousands of times and with proper care (instructions included) will last for many years. In addition to microwave heating you can place on a radiator or on a boiler and as long as Huggy The Puppy is warmer than yours or your kids body temperature it will be effective. Cozy Plush microwave heated dog gives comforting heat for up to 2 hours in a bed.

Huggy The Puppy has been made in the UK, stringently safety tested to comply to BS EN71-1/2/3 & 9 standards and is perfectly safe for children (or adults) of any age. Children should only use under careful adult supervision.

Many children enjoy using Huggy Cozy Plush microwave dog to cuddle in their buggy on a cold day. Adults love them for relaxing tired, sore tense or aching muscles and pain relief from arthritis, rheumatism and many other aches or pains. Huggy The Puppy is about 30cm long & weighs in a just under 1 kilo.

With Huggy The Puppy there is no hassle with removing an inner bag as all the materials including it's supersoft plush thick fur are microwave safe.

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store | Full Product Details | Heat Pads |  Huggy the Microwave Dog


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