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Genuine Tawas Crystal Deodorant - The Facts

Shell Image

What is it?

Genuine tawas is a natural crystal of potassium alum, (nothing to do with aluminium) formed from non toxic minerals in mother earth. Raw tawas has been used for over 500 years by Filipino people to keep armpits and feet smelling fresh in the tropics. Genuine tawas crystal available on this site has been uniquely purified to make it even better.

How Does It Work?

1) A natural anti-bacterial action within the crystal eliminates the bacteria that causes odour.

2) On application a little of the crystal dissolves and sits on your skin's surface as an invisible microscopic protective film, eliminating odour for 24 hours or until you next wash.

3) The crystal's molecular structure is too big to pass into the body. This means your pores are not blocked as with anti-perspirants. Instead your body continues to naturally detoxify by sweating but without the associated odour.

image of Tawas Crystal in Pouch

How Do I Use It?

Genuine tawas crystal comes in 3 forms, solid, spray and powder. The spray is used like a standard spray deodorant approx 3-5 pumps onto each surface after washing. The other types are explained below:

Solid Crystal:

  • Leave the skin wet or damp after washing and rub crystal over the entire armpits or foot sole. Allow to dry quickly and naturally. This is the recommended method.

  • OR

  • Wash & dry as usual then wet the crystal and rub on the underarms or feet a few times while crystal is wet.

Powder Form:

  • Apply a small amount of tawas powder directly to the armpit or foot for all day deodorant.
  • Sprinkle a small amount of tawas powder daily into footwear to freshen them up.
  • Make a footbath and have a relaxing soak to clear up athletes foot.

Full application instructions are supplied with any genuine tawas product, please read before using for best effects.

Why Bother Using Tawas Crystal?

image of tawas crystal bar

You Can Smell Fresh Without Soreness

Tawas Is hypo-allergenic so it doesn't cause skin reactions. Thousands of people used to either:

  • Endure pain, soreness and itching caused by mainstream anti perspirants.
  • Wash several times a day and hope not to get caught out
  • Use natural deodorants that didn't really work all day

Like those in the know, you don't have to choose second rate options anymore!

The revolutionary purification technique for Genuine Tawas Crystal now gives these people the social and professional confidence of 24 hour freshness. Because we know it works, we give an ironclad money back guarantee on the Starter crystal, so you have no risk when trying out for the first time.

It's Harmless

Unlike many other odour protection brands, Tawas contains none of the following:

  • Perfume
  • Preservatives
  • Alcohol
  • Emulsifiers or oils
  • Aluminium chlorohydrate - linked to Alzheimer's & breast cancer
  • Parabens (linked to breast cancer)
  • Anything that may stain your clothes

image of tawas Spray

It Makes You Sexy!

Some of the most powerful aphrodisiacs are naturally produced human pheromones. They are given off by your body and can attract others to you instantly. They are subtle aromas, easily masked by other scents. Tawas is fragrance-free allowing your message of love to flow to your target, unhindered by scented deodorant.

Alternatively, if you have found a perfume or aftershave that gets results, Tawas will not taint the alluring scent unlike most other deodorants.

Your Conscience is Clear

Tawas is environmentally friendly for current & future generations because it causes:

  • No harmful water pollution from artificial chemicals
  • Reduced landfill in the past due to recycled non-natural packaging
  • Reduced landfill in the future due to high proportion of natural packaging

There is no cruelty to animals involved as:
  • The manufacturer does not test any products on animals or support any practises that do.
  • The shells are discarded remnants of the natural food chain from fish that are plentiful in the Philippines

The production staff are fairly treated.

Image of large tawas crystal in bamboo basket and plastic box

You Get Outstanding Value

Each ten grams of solid genuine tawas gives the average user around a month and a half of freshness with daily armpit use only. This means our starter crystal that works or your money back, costs just £3.50 for around nine months of freshness. With these calculations the 120g crystal in bamboo basket and plastic box works out at less than 40 pence per month.

Using on your feet as well will consume your crystal more quickly but compared to other foot and underarm odour treatments most people quickly grasp the better value offered by Genuine Tawas.

So if you need your money to go that bit further in these difficult times, this is a valuable ace up your sleeve (literally).

A Tailored Choice

The wide range of choices is unrivalled. We have something for every taste or occasion whether you want:

  • Good protection for travelling
  • Unique classy packaging for gifts that make a memorable impact
  • To hang your deodorant to save space or take in gym showers

image of starter crystal deodorant

So Many Uses

The solid crystals can also be used for:

  • Reducing the itch of insect bites
  • Drying out acne to improve your appearance
  • Astringent after shaving (not underarm) to close up unsightly open pores
  • Removing food smells like garlic from fingers after cooking without harsh detergent
  • Reducing food smells (e.g. onion) in your fridge - no need to hold your breath when opening.
  • Foiling mustiness in under used cupboards - Saves embarrassment when guests open the wrong one
  • Keep in special occasion clothes for a freshness that prevents dry cleaning bills.

The powder may also be used as a natural shoe freshener, or remedy for athletes foot.

Most importantly of all, it gives superb freshness to everyone with unparalleled comfort even to the most sensitive of skins where other brands leave itching, rashes and soreness.

Image of Tawas Crystal in Codackia Shell

It's The Best!

Genuine Tawas Crystal is made from potassium alum. This has been purified in a unique and revolutionary way to achieve a level of purity that other brands struggle to match.

The high purity makes the deodorant work more effectively and for longer. It also removes any kind of non-alum chemical components from the crystal, making it kinder to your skin.

If you are giving tawas as a gift, the classy packaging shows that you really care in a special way.

Some companies mistakenly use the Tawas name when their deodorant does not undergo the special purification and even when they use ammonium alum which is not used in Tawas at all. Only genuine tawas crystal has it all.

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store | Product Information |  tawas


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